The Research Commission’s task is to take over the production of knowledge not only about us but about the world at least that which is disseminated to African peoples. Not only do we need to correct the misinterpretations of our oppressors but we also need to restore the messages of our ancestors so that we can have access to the deep well of African wisdom of the research battle is thus a vital phase of the war.

Research Commission Chair -  Bonotchi Montgomery


It is through the Education Commission that we must take command of education. Our people are subjected to an educational process and content that, either by design or as an unavoidable byproduct, deforms most African minds. This is so whether the individual student fails or succeeds vis-à-vis the standard imposed by the system. That is, the ‘A’ student is as much if not more damaged than the ‘F’ student. In fact the miseducated are probably more disadvantaged than the diseducated. Therefore the battle to reestablish African education under the conceptualization and direction of African teachers is the sine qua non.

Education Commission Chair -  Kamau Rashid

Spiritual Development

The reevaluation of spirituality is the task of the third commission, Spirituality. Certainly we need to heed Bookman’s plea to “throw away the image of the white man’s god,” and begin to celebrate with our God who has given us life, power, and health and commanded us to do likewise. We need to seek the divine speech through good speech which is so divine that we can achieve our human purpose. This is the arena of deep thought where we must begin to reconstruct our way of thinking about the way things are and the way they should be. Divine speech is our answerto the destructive import of European philosophy and science.

Spiritual Development Commission Chair -  Ori-Piankhi Zumbi

Creative Productions

 We need a substantial number of creative intellectuals to tap into the artistic culture of African antiquity and reproduce the values for the aesthetic development of development of our peoples. Paintings, sculptures, drama, songs, and dances can incorporate those ancient themes in ways which will enrich, enlighten, and inspire the African imagination. Brother Ausbra Ford’s recent works outstanding examples of the possibilities in this regard.

Creative Productions Commission Chair -  Tony West